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COVID-19 Information


Fisher County Hospital District (FCHD) would like to ensure our patients, residents, clients, staff and friends that we are taking all recommended precautionary measures to combat the COVID-19 virus outbreak. In addition the hospital is closely monitoring the issued updates from the CDC as well as the announcements from the local state and federal government. Actions have been taken to work closely with our regional partners and with the local state health department to stay in compliance and readiness according to the latest recommendations. The hospital has taken many actions and is prepared if needed to address the outbreak. There have not been any cases locally and hospital personnel are staying alert for area confirmed cases.


To ensure the safety of staff, patients and clients – the hospital will be limiting visitors to one (1) caregiver or spouse for adult patients. For pediatric patients - only the parents will be allowed to accompany the patient. All non-essential persons are being discouraged from accompanying patients as well. If you are not needed for the care plan – consider not attending.


FCHD will limit access into the building for the foreseeable future. It is requested that everyone needing to come to the hospital present to the EMERGENCY ENTRANCE only. All other points of entry will be locked. Before being allowed into the building - expect to be screened at the entry point by personnel asking a series of questions pertaining to symptoms associated with COVID – 19. Please remember that only one person will be allowed to accompany a patient. Non-essential visitors are being discouraged.

If you have a cough – please let the person at the door know immediately so that precautionary steps can be taken.


Due the State of Emergency that was declared by Governor Abbott – Visitors to the Heritage House are not allowed entry for the time being.


FCHD highly recommends that all parties follow the CDC guidelines for precautionary measures. Implement social distancing, perform adequate hand hygiene, avoid touching the face and if sick shelter in place.


The signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 are similar to the seasonal influenza virus. Most cases are mild and the CDC recommends that if you are sick that you stay home and away from the public and treat this as one would symptomatically treat the regular Flu. At this time care is supportive (i.e. treatment of symptoms and conditions) as there is no vaccine or specific treatment. The patient’s condition determines the level of care required.

More severe cases can include fever, dry cough, fatigue, chest discomfort and shortness of breath related to respiratory air intake (not nasal congestion) and may need medical interventions. Other considerations for diagnosis will include travel history and recent contact with an individual who has had a confirmed test of COVID-19.


Fisher County Hospital does have the swabs to take samples for the COVID 19 test. It then has to be sent to a CDC or State Lab for processing. At this date 03/23/20 the State and CDC labs have limited supplies for the processing of the swabs and are often overwhelmed with request. Due to these factors – strict criteria have been set by the CDC for who will be tested. Thus not everyone can be tested unless the person meets the criteria.


Please know that Fisher County Hospital has the health and wellbeing of our friends and guest at the forefront of our thoughts and are being proactive in taking the actions needed to meet this challenge